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Stat trackers are a great accessory for DMs of 5th edition D&D. They make running the game easier by putting all the stats for everyone in the encounter right on the DM screen for easy reference. Flipping through books or referring to notes is annoying and time consuming. Less time spent hunting for what you need means more time for adventure! 
Each Player Character, NPC, and Monster type in the encounter is represented by a Stat Tracker that hangs over the DM screen in initiative order. The players see the turn order and the DM has every stat, attack, and ability right in front of their face. The Core Stat Tracker Set comes with 317 pre-printed official 5e monsters, animals and NPCs; plus 50 Character Trackers for your PC's info; and 50 Blank Monster Trackers to add anything you want to your collection. Everything comes in an awesome looking file box with alphabetical tabs!
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