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Friends & Foes


The best tool for DMs of 5th edition is back with fully illustrated original Monsters and NPCs. Simply hang them on your DM screen in initiative order and have all the stats for everyone in the encounter right in front of your face without flipping through books or clicking on tabs!

Make DMing a snap with these illustrated Trackers!

Friends & Foes contains 250 custom 5e compatible Monsters and NPCs.

Every Friends & Foes Stat Tracker comes beautifully illustrated so the players can see what they are up against!

Friends & Foes come in a handy file box with alphabetical tabs

Friends & Foes Box Set can stand on its own in your DM toolbox, but works even better as an expansion to our existing Core Stat Tracker Set, Character Trackers, and Blank Monster Trackers

Also Coming Soon

A faux leather outside / velvet material inside Giant File Box that holds up to 750 Stat Trackers with room to search through them, using the alphabetical tabs that come in every box set. The lid is secured with magnets and flips back and under the box so it's out of your way when gaming.  

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