Stat Trackers are a way for 5e DMs to track initiative and and have every stat they need for the monsters, player characters, and npcs in the encounter right at their fingertips. Stat Trackers are printed on high quality, durable paper stock and double scored for easy folding. You just fold them and place them over the DM screen in initiative order.  ​

THE PLAYERS' SIDE has the names of all the combatants in initiative order. 

THE DM'S SIDE has all the vital stats and information needed for every combatant involved. Each monster, player character and npc is completely presented for the DM's reference. No more juggling books or flipping through notes. Every stat, attack, special ability, etc. is there in a condensed, easy to use format.


Included in the box are 317 Monster Trackers, consisting of 200 official monsters (from Aboleth to Zombie) plus 117 official animals / non-player characters. They are easier to use than the original monster entries and every single ability, attack, resistance, etc. is on there in an edited, intuitive format.  You are never referred back to the source book for what you need to run the encounter. The 317 pre-printed Monster Trackers are coated to be wet-erase friendly if you want to add notes or modify the monsters temporarily.


To add monsters to your collection we have created Blank Monster Trackers. Simply fill in the vital stats for any monster not included in our set, be it from a module or a home-brew monster, and add it to your collection. Blank Monster Trackers are uncoated so you can fill them out once with pen or pencil and have them in your collection forever


The players are represented in the initiative order by their Character Trackers. Character Trackers are filled out to provide all the vital stats the DM might need during a game; armor class, hit points, spell DC, passive perception, ability and skill modifiers and more.

The Character Trackers are uncoated and designed to be used with good old no. 2 pencil so you can update the characters as they level. They are thick and durable enough to stand up to plenty of erasing.





Hello Valued Customers--

In spite of our best efforts (and tons of proofreading!) some mistakes got past us. Here are a

few things we noticed after our latest print run. If you notice anything else, please contact us so

we can add it to our list. The best way to correct these on your Stat Tracker cards is with a

fine-tip Sharpie.


Three tentacle attacks, not two

Correction: change “(2X)” after tentacle attacks to “(3X)”

Note: We do make mention of the 3 tentacle attacks under the stat error


Two mace attacks, not three

Correction: Change the “(3X)” after mace attack to “(2X)”


In hybrid or humanoid form, a werebear gets two attacks with a greataxe

Correction: Under “hybrid or human form” add “(2X)” after the greataxe stats


A mammoth’s stomp ability can only be used against a prone target

Correction: make a note near stomp attack stats “(against prone target)”


A ghast can either bite or attack with claws, not multiattack

Correction: Change “AND” between the bite attack and the claws attack to “OR”



The following creatures have slight inconsistencies with the Monster Manual. Note this is

because we are only allowed to use the System Reference Document created by Wizards of the

Coast (the creators of D&D) under our licensing agreement. These inconsistencies exist

between the two sources put out by WOTC. Since we are bound by the SRD they must run in

our product as they appear in that document, not the Monster Manual.

GYNOSPHINX (attack modifier, spell dc and spell to hit), KRAKEN (attack modifier), NIGHT

HAG (attack modifier), RIDING HORSE (attack modifier), WARHORSE (attack modifier)



Lastly, we changed our multiattack shorthand slightly in the latest print run, but missed a small

handful of creature attacks when doing so. We formerly used the abbreviation “(X2)” for an

attack that is taken twice per attack action, but felt that “(2X)” was clearer and less likely to be

confused for doubling (or tripling, etc.) the damage. Multiplying damage is not a mechanic used

on any standard creature attack in 5e, but we still wanted to be as clear as possible. So for all

intents and purposes “(2X)” and “(X2)” both mean two attacks, “(X3)” and “(3X)” both mean

three attacks, etc.



Thank you for using Stat Trackers. If you happen to notice any errors that slipped past us again,

please let us know! We are committed to creating the perfect DM accessory.




All products will be shipped by the United States Postal Service within 1 to 2 business days.


If for any reason you are not happy with your Stat Trackers we will refund the full price of your product.

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