SHIPS November 2022


  • 250 Original Monsters & NPCs for 5e
  • Brilliantly illustrated
  • Every tracker has ALL the stats for an original Monster or NPC
  • Background information on the back for every Friends & Foes Tracker
  • Hang over your DM screen as initiative trackers for the players to see
  • Uses ZERO table space behind your DM screen
  • Handy file box and alphabetical tabs keeps you organized


Product Details:

  • 250 pre-printed, illustrated Stat Tracker cards
  • Printed on durable UV-coated card stock
  • Pre-scored for easy folding
  • File box with sturdy alphabetical tabs
  • 50+ page Friends & Foes DM Summary Booklet of every Tracker
  • List by Challenge Rating for easy planning


NOTE: Product is in final development. Comps are shown for illustrative purposes. Some details may change during manufacturing.



Friends & Foes Box Set Ships November 2022


    Stat trackers are designed to eliminate much of the juggling the DM has to do during a game. Flipping through books, clicking on tabs, or referring to notes is annoying and time consuming. Less time spent hunting for what you need means more time for adventure!

    They also help solve the age old question, "who's turn is it?". Hanging the stat trackers in initiative order on your screen helps both the DM and the players know the turn order. 

    Get your game on track today!