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Stat Trackers are a way for 5th edition GMs to track initiative and and have every stat they need for the monsters, player characters and npcs right at their fingertips . 


The complete set of 417 Stat Trackers!


317 preprinted Monster Trackers featuring 201 official 5e monsters and 116 official animals / npcs, plus 50 blank Monster Trackers and 50 Character Trackers.


Printed on durable card stock and pre-scored for easy folding. You just fold them and place them over the GM screen in initiative order.


THE PLAYERS' SIDE has the names of all the combatants in initiative order. 


THE GM'S SIDE has all the vital stats and information needed for every combatant involved. Each monster, player character and npc is completely presented for the GM's reference. No more juggling books or flipping through notes. Every stat, attack, special ability, etc. is there in a condensed, easy to use format. 


This set come in a handy box with alphabetical tabs for easy filing of all your Stat Trackers.


Stat Trackers Complete Set


    Stat trackers are designed to free up some of the juggling and paperwork the GM has to do during a game. Flipping through books or referring to notes is annoying and time consuming. Less time spent hunting for what you need means more time for adventure!

    They also help solve the age old question, "who's turn is it?". Hanging the stat trackers in initiative order on your screen helps both the GM and the players. You can even place a small spring clip on the Stat Tracker of the combatant whose turn it is as a visual reminder to the players and yourself. When that player is done,  move the clip to the next combatant in line, and so on.

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